segunda-feira, 1 de julho de 2013

The Owl in Ruins - Psalm 102

In time of loneliness and sadness, sick and reflective, David in Psalm 102 compares the owl of the desert. A sad song, extracted lip discouraged and body suffered, but a spirit that sought not to be overcome by the situation. Have you ever felt like that almost no strength to pray? Sometimes we are so despondent that we pray in thought, in groans and even songs, like David. A song of lament, completed in praise demonstration of faith, the end of the Psalm he says: "The children of thy servants shall continue, and before Thee will establish your descendants" (Ps 102:28). And now here comes to us a lesson: Praise brings solace, enlivens the soul.

The owl of the desert

This nocturnal animal is not used to living in packs, always solitary and hunt their food while the city sleeps. Like to lie among the ruins, old walls, derelict sites and makes a noise like the sad moan. Look what Zephaniah 2:13-14 tells us: "I will make Nineveh a desolation, a wilderness lodge and will be in their capitals both the pelican and the owl, the voice of these birds retinirá the windows." In solitude and inhabits the ruins and the owl moans and funeral this movement ensures your food, your existence. And at dawn, the bird retires to sleep in silence.

One can imagine the intensity of the anguish of David. It seemed that the party of life and joy was in the past and had collapsed. Considering the tone of prophetic and inspired Psalms, we can say that this moment is also in ruins Owl messianic. Jesus, abandoned by all, like a bird caught in trap, went to the crucifixion. In moan, beaten and humiliated, he looks at a world desolate and ruined by sin. But he followed until the funeral march was turned into joy, by His resurrection! And David also continued praying until you feel the comforting presence of God. And we must proceed in the knowledge that the path will be healed.

The owl reminds me of Hannah, mother of Samuel. In ruins, went to the church, the temple of Shiloh seek comfort. And her moan, to be heard by Eli, haunted him: "Are you drunk? Why not listen to the words of your mouth? 'I Sam 13.14 and she replies, "No my lord, I am a woman of a sorrowful spirit, did not drink wine or strong drink, but I'm pouring myself before the Lord" I Sm 13:15. Desolate, lonely, taking refuge in God and being comforted. God heard Hannah owl in the ruins; answered his prayer. What to do when you have no more to do? What should never fail to be done: seek God is shed before Him

In the ruins, in solitude, in the house of mourning, we can feel the dimension of who we are and how social relationships are volatile and the status quo of each. In a moment, everything can fall apart. Matter of seconds, maybe days, months, years, even if only because the eternal spirit and the One who created us. The owl in the ruins teach us about keeping faith in Christ and the target because life can be full of vanity they lapse: old age, sickness, loneliness, and no one is apart of these things. It is interesting to relate other aspects of life owl with the text of Psalm 102: the mobility formidable head that rotates in all directions and the arrangement of eyes, it is almost impossible to lose this bird prey in their target.