quarta-feira, 22 de abril de 2015


Trust ye not in lying words, saying: Temple of the Lord, the temple of the Lord, the Lord's temple is this. Jeremiah 7: 4.

Precious church of God, which is hosted on this earth, I bring all of part of the Great I Am updates. Take heed, behold, it is already the hour of vengeance of the Lord, the moment of Satan sift elected to prove, as gold proof the fire are my, do not be lead by aparecias, not everything that seems to be my is , I wanted the Lord that everyone was under my shelter, however, many just use my shadow to hide, for those who do not truly see who they are, but I know them, I saw them before they come to this earth.

Come over all the earth, a whirlwind, but one that is connected to me will not move from place, I am the strength, I own the domain, am I the majesty, I am your God who brought the evil clutches of the infamous the laveis blood shed on the cross, the coat with holy garments, cleansed, put my spirit in you. Look closely at what I do, not what men say they do. The will of man is not equal to mine, I have great and precious things to you, I bought you, you are mine.

You are planted wheat with the chaff, is necessary to be thus more I the Lord, the great reaper, already commanded the time of collection, I myself will select the precious seeds, however, all the weeds'll make a point to see him trembling between the fire.

Not wrong you everything I see, everything I know, all I can do, before you there I am, before the earth came up I was, nothing can escape my will, I allow more consisto not, I leave, not more approve, I give, so I shot, I do everything my way, my way, because I know the Lord what actually is good for my chosen.

It is time that many who claim to be my really show who they are, because I released enemy army to shelter to many, those who really want me I'll be I always God, to welcome them and comfort them.

Do not look strange fables, I'm the same, first of all you know any, I who created everything under my charge, armies in heaven, on earth around the corner, I all government. He who draw close to me, do not forsake, who refuse for me I embrace, who die for me give you eternal life.

Prepare my people, fruit of my dreams, projects of my hands, I am your God, you are my beloved, Satan has asked me to sift through the many, many forsook not, why not stand more to those who I allow to go into the furnace will walk beside him and not a thread of your hair will be scorched.

You know my power, all left writing to you as a dialect that never goes out because it was written by me, follow my orders, not hearken to cogitations your adversary is cunning and has used up many of my. Keep watch to seal his lips with my ointment, put on your heads my invisible cloak, calcem your feet with sandals made in my oven, clothe yourselves with me inside and out, use the weapons of faith being put- in prayer all the time, fast, raise cries to me, I will hear. Gather and give thanks, because even with the hard evidence never abandoned you, allow all because I know where you go Posen.

I have chosen you, trust me, the time has come, I will bring you to a different dimension than you think, you will bring my presence and you will see that I am your father and you are my children.

Only those who persist firm against the evil chased, not defiled their garments, which do not eat the delicacies offered, will soon have, a precious reward.

Will forever be your God and you will always be to me privately owned.

Take heed, watch over, the enemy is out with weapons in their hands, my angels have also been in front before they arrived because my shield be upon you, do not give place to evil.

I leave you my peace.

And every day, in the temple and at home, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ. Acts 5:42

God bless us

Pr. Valni Melo Borges de Oliveira

Wee Servant Serving the Kingdom of God.
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