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"Judge Not" - The cliche to hide the truth!

Recently a statement of evangelical famous singer Carrie Underwood who expressed support for gay marriage in an interview with British newspaper The Independent, saying that believers should be less critical on the issue.
Since winning American Idol in 2005, Underwood had a string of hits including his song "Jesus Take the Wheel," which won a Grammy. The basis of the argument of popstar evangelical support for gay marriage was "not for me to judge anyone." Carrie also confessed to attending a gay church with her husband.

Confusion is the word that best describes the situation of the church in the world, how Carrie, is hostage to the cliché "we can not judge." I admire the fact that this teaching of Jesus has lost its original meaning to be used as anti-Christian propaganda homosexual.

By following the cliché "do not judge" any Christian community will be tempted to retreat from moral and doctrinal issues, to the point where you can not distinguish right from wrong. First the behavior and beliefs of others, and ultimately in their own lives. Goebbels was undoubtedly a genius of evil.
"Propaganda must affect the enemy's actions and beliefs in order to confuse them and paralyzes them."

The anti-Christian homosexual activists are using the church's own speech as propaganda for their lifestyle. By reciting 'judge not' claiming they are usurping the authority of the Bible, we can not label any behavior or belief as right or wrong. This attitude arose from a faulty understanding, philosophical, carnal and demonic word 'judge' taken by theological liberalism.

The most basic reading of the New Testament will reveal that the word 'krino' in Greek (usually translated as 'judge') is used in various ways. Thus we read in the word 'Father judges no one' (John 5:22), but (of course in another sense), he really 'judge' (John 8:50). Christ came not to 'judge' (John 8:15), but in fact he 'thought' (John 5:30, 8:16,26). There is no contradiction here, is our ignorance keeps us from truth.

Paul says to the church of Corinthians not to 'judge' anything, and soon after criticizes them for 'do not judge' case (1 Corinthians 4:5. 6:1-3). Krino (judge) can mean simply making a decision, or analyze consequences (Acts 20:16, 26:8, 27:11, 1 Corinthians 2:2, 7:37., 2 Corinthians 2:1.;. Tit 3 : 12). Therefore, we are encouraged to 'judge' the situation according to the Word of God and its principles, and 'judge' can mean 'to form an opinion' based on the correct interpretation of the word (John 7:24,. 1 Corinthians 10:15, 11:13, 2 Corinthians 5:14).

Here's the beauty of biblical contextualization. The Jews were not reading the Bible as an intellectual exercise, but as a devotional worship. For Jews, like Jesus, Paul and the other apostles, any activity of reasoning, mental or philosophical not based on God's word was considered carnality, and its conclusion as "carnal judgment." The trial condemned by Jesus in the scriptures is the whole conclusion or verdict about any subject or person, which is not based on the word of God.

Therefore judge or form an opinion on any other basis, but the Bible is 'judge according to the flesh', and that is wrong (Luke 12:57, John 8:15). Judge righteously is to be directed by the word. Figuratively would be just that, theoretically, the judges should do about the constitution, do not judge according to them look good, but according to the law says. Judge correctly is part of our basic acceptance with the Lord Jesus.

Jesus answered him, Thou hast rightly judged. Luke 7:43
With this understanding of 'judge', it is inevitable that we must apply our 'judgment' to other people, especially within the church. The decision to baptize Lydia for the communion of the body involved the "judge" of his "loyalty".
If ye have judged me to be faithful to the Lord, come into my house, and abide there. And she constrained us. (Acts 16:15)

If we can not judge in any sense, it would be impossible to make any decision in the church and in life. We could not choose the best candidate for the job, choose who walked, decide that we should get married, and we could not really decide anything, because judging is to take decision.
James was faced with the problem of deciding if the consciousness of some Jewish brethren should be imposed on the Gentile converts. He argued from biblical principles and gave his "sentence" (krino Greek), his judgment was that they need not be circumcised (Acts 15:19).

The elders of the Jerusalem church "ordered" (krino), ie they 'judged', which should be some rules for the churches of the Gentiles (Acts 16:14, 21:25). It is clear from all this that there is nothing wrong with the fact that "judge" our brothers in order to form an opinion about their behavior or doctrine based on scripture.

The Corinthian church fell into the same error 'politically correct' to stop judging the next according to the word. Justified in not dealing with the case of incest brother with the excuse that 'We can not judge our brother.' Paul responded by saying: 'If you were spiritually mature, they would realize that it is a shame for you to live without judging moral things. " In the same context, Paul rebukes the brothers not to withdraw fellowship incestuous brother, and tells them that his 'trial' is "the brother should be expelled" (1 Corinthians 5:3).

Paul said that disputes within the church should be judged by the brothers rather than resolved in the legal world, precisely because of the excellence of the trial in light of the word of truth. (1 Cor. 6:1-3).

"Judge not, lest ye be judged" Matthew 7:1
The above implies any judgment out of the scriptural principles. An example of this is in John 5:45. Understand the context that Jews commonly refer to the first five books of the Bible as 'Moses', the author's name. So Jesus said, you do not 'accuse' Moses, referring to the Pentateuch, is the one who accuses you. Jesus did not need to accuse anyone who was already charged by the word.
My conclusion, is second in the scriptures, is that we should not pass judgment from our analysis or intellectual impressions apparent. But we should rather accept, repeat, proclaim, declare the whole trial that God has done in the scriptures.
God has already judged and condemned homosexuality as a sin to be punished in the Last Day is written, and it's true! Any conclusion, philosophical, intellectual and politically correct who disagrees scripture is carnal, sensual, devilish.

God Bless All ...!!

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