quinta-feira, 18 de julho de 2013


1 Corinthians 1.27-29

27 But God chose what is foolishness to the world to shame the wise, and chose what is weak in the world to shame the strong.
28 He chose it for the world is insignificant, and that nothing is overlooked, to nullify the things that are, 29 so that no one may boast before him.


Almost every householder has his toolbox.
Not have to be necessarily a beautiful box, if wooden, iron or plastic ...

But almost every man has at home, something of tools ... pliers, hammer, wrench-to-crack, etc..

God also has His toolbox ... tools that he uses to accomplish great deeds.
But, contrary to what we might think, the toolbox contains tools God does not fill your eyes ...

No, the tools of God, as we shall see in this paper, tools are insignificant to the world.

The tools that God uses, the human point of view, are weak, but that in His hands, ah! perform great works.

Consider, in this text, what's in the toolbox of God.

... First, the toolbox of God, there is:

I call your attention to v.27, where we read this: "But God chose what the world is crazy for."
On the crazy things we understand things weak, weak things ... that is, people who have no great wisdom in human terms ...

These things are crazy people who have no material conditions ... are people who have no prestige, or a power within themselves ... people are without significance in the world.
You know, when the Bible says here that God chose the foolish things of the world, the Bible is talking about the insignificance of the people that God chose.
God chose the foolish things, insignificant people chose to confuse who are something.

Brothers, sisters, the tools of God, so there are people who boast wisdom, bearing knowledge ...

The tools are not God's people estufam breast, saying: "I have status, have social position, have experience, or have this and that ...".
No, the tools of God are foolish things ... are weak people, but facing in the hands of Almighty God ...

So, God, in His wisdom and power, use them to do that, that neither wiser nor more powerful or the richest, could do ...

And so, the Bible says, to shame the wise.

God is using you, brother? ... The Lord is using his life as a tool in His work?
As a tool in building the cell? As a tool in building ... family - the main cell?

That part of the Bible reveals, are tools of God, when our self, our name, our ability, our wisdom, our condition ... when everything becomes insignificant before our God ...

When we stop be proud of who we are, what we have or what we do, and we consider negligible, small, insignificant, then God takes us into his toolbox and uses.

Could you be in the toolbox of God?

... Secondly, the toolbox of God, there is:


V.27 we read the same: "and chose what is weak in the world
to shame the strong. "
Same is the case of the previous point, but I want to reinforce with the reminder that a crucified Christ was absurd.

Nothing seemed to be weaker, no more shameful than Christ crucified ... not logical, the King of kings to be lying in a manger lined with straw and die on a cross between two criminals ...

But God used the crucified Christ - His Son died on the cross, to reconcile the world to Himself ... was through the death of Jesus on the cross that we are saved!

Brethren, God is saying to us: His tools are not strong people in the world ...
There are people that are sufficient to themselves ... there are people who say: "I, myself, myself, I can ... I alone, I can ... ".

No! The tools are God's chosen the weak things of the world ... are people who say, "I can not ... I can not ... I can not live without You, O God! ... I can not! "

Or so they say: "I can only Him who strengthens me! ... because if He strengthens me, I can not! "

Brothers, the logic of God is the weak who are strong ... (It say to his brother).
Could you be in the toolbox of God?

... Third, the toolbox of God, there is:

3. VIS THINGS, THAT ARE NOT despicable

Now in v.28 is written: "He chose it for the world is insignificant, and that nothing is overlooked ...".
In the toolbox of God there, to human eyes, "vile things", ie, people who in the eyes of the world are nothing ... are neither significant.

Believers were so despised in Paul's time, they were considered as not exist.

But these people, the Bible says, God chose to reduce to nothing those who are too much.

There are people who are the such ... who are superior, great, worthy of honor and glory, because of the little things that make ...
Even within the church, there are people who believe in more advantage over the other ... believe themselves superior because (for example) had this or that experience with the Holy Spirit.

But, brethren, God does not take any of these people into his toolbox ...

Here we read in v.28, that God "chose what is insignificant to the world, and that nothing is overlooked, to nullify the things that are."
If the world recognizes and applauds their performance spiritual ... and you delight in such applause, that recognition, and says: "Ah! I am me ... I am something! "see that God chose what is insignificant and that nothing is to use in His purposes.

So Could you be in the toolbox of God?

And finally ... here's the reason why God chooses such tools is:

4. FOR THAT NO FLESH should glory in his

It's what we read in v.29: "so that no one may boast before him."
There are many people today who boast of financial position who have achieved, social position or earned it the knowledge they have acquired.

Many believers boast the gift of tongues ... boast of having read the entire Bible more often than others ... boast themselves for practicing fasting, prayer vigils for doing ...

Many Christians boast of their own spirituality ...

But that will be worth your pride before God? ... Nobody can boast before God ...

So here's the reason why God, in His wisdom, chooses the foolish things of the world, and the weak things of the world, and things which are not overlooked anything ...
In this verse the Bible teaches, that God chose them "in order that no one may boast before him."

Could you be in the toolbox of God?


God has His toolbox.
The tools of God are we ... some are like screwdrivers, pliers and other, others are like screws, and others are like anchors for the screws ...

But, God willing, a screw, a screwdriver need not be glorying, thinking that she is only able to do this.

Brother, in the case of God, until the bushing can tighten the screw ... then no one can boast.

That's what the text says God uses things "crazy" things "weak" things "vile and despicable" things "are not", to human eyes, to confuse, embarrass, reduce to nothing those who are the max.

This way, no one can boast before God because the human capacity for God can accomplish nothing by itself, as a real tool can not fulfill its function if not used by someone.