sexta-feira, 6 de julho de 2012


TEXT: MATTHEW 26.14-25,47-50; 27.1-5
INTRODUCTION: Throughout history, a galaxy of illustrious men, swelled the ranks of the losers, surrendered to sin, gave themselves up to lust and vices unruly. Their names sullied with evil, conspurcaram their lives, enlamearam up, emporcalharam up. They ceased to be heroes, guardians of virtue to be protagonists of misfortunes. Fouled their names so they are always remembered with contempt. Example: Nero, Hitler, Mussoline, Idi Amin Chaucesco.
However, the biggest failure in history was Judas, and for several reasons:
The opportunities go through our life and sometimes never return. It's crazy to waste them. Judas had great opportunities.
1. Judas was called as an apostle of Jesus - Luke 6.12-16 = After a night of prayer, after being subordinate to the will of the Father, Jesus calls men who would continue their work. Men chosen carefully, prayerfully. What a privilege! What a blessing! It was the inner group of Jesus. Group who walked with Jesus. Who walked with Jesus. Instead of being the church column, instead of being a blessing to the world was a traitor. He played with God. Missed a splendid opportunity. It was more than religious, was a friend of Jesus and betrayed him.
2. Judas had excellent grades =
2.1. He was intelligent, studied, leading, with great ability in financial matters
Was chosen as treasurer of the apostolic group. He was a man of confidence. Nobody could have imagined it any slide. He kept up appearances.
2.2. He had a good name = The name Judas was a favorite name at that time. PRAISE means. Mary, mother of Jesus, had another child with this name. From the betrayal of Judas, no one else uses the name of Judas. Praise ceased. That praise was that it should be a curse. He whose life should be a tribute of glory, was a disgrace.
2.3. He was well respected by the other apostles = Judas enjoyed great prestige among the twelve apostles. The last supper when Jesus said that one of them would betray him, no one suspected Judas. Nobody accused Judas. Nobody asked, "Is Judas, the traitor?" Only Jesus knew what was in the heart of Judas: "Is it I?" John 13:28 - Even after he left the table, others do not realize that he was the traitor.
3. Jude = Judas lived with Jesus lived and lived with Jesus. Was intimate with him who is the light of the world, one that is the way, the truth and the life. With that it is the door of salvation. With the good shepherd. Lived with one who is the savior of the world.
Judas walked with Christ three years. He heard his words of salvation, repentance, forgiveness, eternal life. He heard the story of the greatest sermons. He heard the voice of God. Witnessed miracles: the blind see, lame, lame, lepers are cured. He saw dead rising. He saw the heavens descend to earth and yet still just keeping up appearances. Accepting Jesus saw the crowds, have become accustomed to the sacred, and still not accepted Christ as the savior of your soul.
4. Jude preached the Gospel to others, but not saved = He was an apostle engaged. He was an activist. Works. Sometimes he had no time to eat. Went about all Galilee and Judea walk. Evangelism in every city. He preached a real Christ, but a Christ who had not yet accepted.
Today there are also many church members who are not believers. That never born again. They preach, evangelize, but they were never born again.
Jo = 6.64 the crowd of disciples Christ said: "Yet there are skeptics among you. For Jesus knew from the beginning who they were that believed not, and who would betray him.
= Matt 7:21-23 "Not everyone who says to me Lord, Lord, shall enter the kingdom of heaven that day ... many will say: We have prophesied ... cast out demon ... did many miracles ... NEVER KNEW YOU."
My beloved, God has given him many opportunities. You have heard of Jesus, has heard a sermon, read a brochure. Today God is speaking to you. Who does not enjoy the opportunities God is like Judas Iscariot.
1. Judas betrayed his good name = Your name was cause for rejoicing. It was praise. It became shameful, vile, hideous. He betrayed his own story. His own course, your own life, your own name. Today no one else uses the name of Judas, but Peter, James, John
2. Judas betrayed his talent = He could be a blessing. It could be a soul winner. It could be a strong standard of the church. But it was a miser. Materialistic age. It was selfish. He was a thief. It was pseudo-philanthropist (John 12:4-6). It was a sucker. A mercadejante. An explorer. He used religion to enrich themselves. His god was money. She cared not for the glory of God or the needy, but to increase their wealth.
3. Judas betrayed the Lord = Jesus loved. Jesus called him. Judas more than anyone knew Jesus. He knew that He was the Son of God. He knew that He was the only Savior. But it opened up space in your life to Jesus. Never gave him never loved at all. Their religion was usual. Was empty. Was false. He did not love Jesus. He gave place to the devil. She threw open her life to the enemy. Jesus enters Jerusalem. Warns his disciples to go to the cross. Judas seeks to authorities in the silent night on the sly and proposes a deal. Are you willing to sell Jesus to betray Jesus. A deal! Back again to the group as if it had all normal. It's cold. It is calculating. Jesus goes to the upper chamber. There teaches. Jo = 13 Lavapés. Christ washes the feet of the apostles. Washes the feet of Judas as well. You know the plot. Do not say anything to Judas. Want to win your heart, but the heart of Judas is insensitive, closed. At supper time Jesus says: "One of you shall betray me." Everyone asks: "Am I a Teacher?" Judas cynically asks: "Am I a Teacher?" You said it, said Jesus (Matt. 26.25). Jesus still gives you a piece of bread - a gesture of friendship. Judas then arises. Sai. Search the executioners. Does not support the presence of light. Can not stand to stay close to Jesus. Jesus bother. The priests who have been waiting for him. Everything was ready. Judas then said, "Whomsoever I shall kiss, that is, take him," Go ahead of the executioners. Capitaneia, leads a gang of evildoers. Crosses the Kidron. Get in Gethsemane. Jesus was there in agony of soul. Our sins were upon him. Jude sees. Go to him and says: "SAVE MASTER" and when you kiss Jesus with the kiss of betrayal, Jesus makes it last appeal: "Friend, why have you come?" But it's too late. The heart of Judas is closed. The soldiers take Jesus. He is arrested. Humiliated. Spat. Slapped. Condemned. Judas saw Jesus that night trial. Your mind is troubled. At its heart there is peace. He is a man in crisis. There is despair. You are in panic. Blame it corrodes the soul. Reaches the brink of madness. Committed the greatest crime in history ... betrayed Jesus.
1. Once you have betrayed, Judas might have repented - Mt = 3.27 The morning after the arrest of Jesus, Judas is full of remorse. He spent a sleepless night. I was desperate. His soul is drowned in a raging sea. The guilt was crushing. The horrors of hell bafejavam your life. The devil said to him: "Now Judas is later. Now there's no way for you. You're a traitor himself. You are lost and ruined. No more output for you. Has no solution for your life. His case is hopeless. The Bible says that "the sorrow of the world gives to death." Judas did not come behind. He just felt remorse, but did not seek forgiveness in Jesus. He is not broke.
2. Judas confessed his error with a bad conscience, but did not confess to who should have confessed - Mt 27.3-5 = Now with life in torment, filled with remorse, he already feels that the money does not satisfy. He knows he made a mad: Jesus exchange for money. He runs to the temple. Returns the thirty pieces of silver and confesses: "I have sinned betraying innocent blood." The religious authorities further tormented "What matters to us. That's you. "But Judas did not go to Jesus, the Jesus who said," what comes to me in no wise cast out. "
3. Judas tried to commit suicide, rather than seeking repentant the forgiveness of Jesus - Mt = 5.27 Suicide is a snare of the devil. It is a satanic plot. It is a fatal blow to Satan. He says to the desperate, those who live tormented: "LOOK, YOU ARE CLOSED. The CHEDOU PERIOD, THE END OF THE LINE, THE END OF THE TUNNEL. DO NOT GIVE MORE TO REPAIR. ALL IS LOST. NOW, LET'S GO, SEE IF YOU HAVE THE COURAGE TO CABLE FOR AT LEAST GIVE YOUR LIFE. "This is a diabolical plot because there is no problem that Jesus can not fix. There is no sin that He can not forgive. Jesus is the solution to all our troubles. He can get us out of the well, mud. He can forgive all our sins. He can break all the bonds of the devil in our lives. It can disrupt all the misfortunes that the devil decreed upon us. Christ is the solution, but Judas listened to the devil.
4. Losing so many opportunities, Judas went to his own destiny, hell - John 17:12, Acts 1:25 = Jude joked with God. Wasted opportunities. He spent time with the Savior. She heard his voice. He saw his miracles. It was an apostle of Jesus. Worked and spoke the name of Jesus. But not converted. Jesus exchanged for money. Jesus exchanged the world. Jesus exchanged for their petty interests. He abandoned the one who said: "BECAUSE YOU WILL PREPARE THE PLACE" to go to his own place, HELL. So close to the salvation and perish. Judas heard the call of Jesus, Jesus' warning, but did not open his heart and went to hell.
CONCLUSION: Judas was the biggest failure in history because:
1) Lost = a greater chance of living with Jesus without converting.
2) he committed the biggest mistake = betray his best friend.
3) the highest bid = Refused to be forgiven by Christ.
This tragic story is repeated in the life of one who now reject Jesus as their Savior or not obey Christ. How is your life? Have you betrayed Jesus with his life, with his testimony with his actions and words?
Come to Jesus now! Do not delay. Come now. Only there is no life in abundance. The devil began to slowly away Judas. Then stole his heart. Now let your sins. Break ties with the devil. And now come to Jesus!