sexta-feira, 17 de agosto de 2012

Testimony occasional missions!! (Journey to Fortaleza)

On 03 February 2008, were going to Fortaleza, Belem do Pará out of going to the General Convention of Confredece-EC, we were 02 groups, we drove did not have - we had a lot more money to go because it was the ordination , received the incubencia driving initially, to get an direction said a prayer aloud: (Lord I is not driving this vehicle that is more your Holy spirit, leads and brings in peace and security, and that this car is like a chariot of fire leading us where we should go), all said love, I asked if the car had been done to review and exchange eye, Pastor car owner said yes, we were going in convoy following the car ahead , everybody said to know more on the way realizade we lost and we had a deviation of more than 400 kilometers, which had delayed us a lot, but one thing caught my attention on this journey we stopped to fuel veses 03 and 02 in the 1st 02 drunk veses accepted Jesus crying and asking for God to change if their Historias was shaking, passing Timom border with Maranhão in Piaui, we stopped for lunch, I ordered a bread with egg, others did the same, however came a soup in a bread with egg and chopped green onions, I took more photos until I decided not to eat because that kind of power is that the road is not good, we traveled further than 100 kilometers ahead the car in front makes a very strange and maneuver inside the car that drove all shouted at the same time for me to also, the bread with egg had given the worst stomachache that this group had already passed, I never saw so many people without any outline of shame down the laundry needs doing and there, was every noise, my brother bent my knees and thanked God for not having eaten that bread with egg.

Many drivers passed slowly to see what was happening and the stench was unbearable. after having spent more than 40 meters roll of toilet paper, we travel more niguém gave not a peep inside the car was traveling more silent until I heard on the border of Ceará.

were a 03:20 in the morning and had turned on the car stereo's what I sleep whenever I travel away not hear any kind of music and it calms me sleep, I wake up suddenly with a car making a turn in the road Sierra's Tianguá, Pastor Renato who was beside me stared dumbfounded as the car was the curve alone, took direction again and he told me that miracle, I said half asleep in the Lord will guard us as we sleep, more forward made a stop to stretch the body, the Pastor asked again if he had the car review for never came a car as good to drive like that, I seemed strange that the engine of a car turbocharged 1.8 and he told me that was 1.0, and we traveled was dawning accelerate decided to take a doubt, accelerated to 160 per hour and I heard noise in the engine as if beating iron with iron, look for Pastor Renato and said the engine is out of oil and we can not stop he said he had put the oil I put peguntei if he saw, he said no, the weird thing is that the car was the engine temperature always low, not warmed, the trip was about 3.200 kilometers joining the deviation of 400 kilometers, reaching the junction where peto fortress estranhamos went to the plate that did not give a right direction, and we then forward which led us to spend more than 120 kilometers away from the actual entrance, it was the cumulo because the money had already finished and I had already spent $ 150.00 on fuel because we lost the 1st car that stayed with the features of the trip, thank God I do not leave without allowance because we do not know the pitfalls that can happen, however I just was $ 200.00 and had already spent $ 150.00 and already had more money only $ 50.00 and two cars to supply, and more than 280 kilometers still to reach stronghold, looked the other Pr in the second car and I have said we divide $ 50.00 25 for each car, everybody laughed at what is to laugh even more I told you the other brother cre he said I believe I said then put your hand in the mouth tank and we pray thanking the 25 dollars in fuel and ask for the Lord mutiplicar beloved arrived in strength with over half a tank and a car without oil in the engine, because the Holy Spirit of God led us to our destination when we open the cover of the oil in the car when I was around were amazed, for the Lord had made the miracle and the engine blew not even a stop in the middle of a cold. Jesus saves us and takes us in Peace
Pastor Valni Borges - Brazil
Ministry of Christian Evangelization
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